The Dwelling Place Monastery

Our mission as the Mt. Tabor Benedictines is hospitality. The Gospel and our Benedictine tradition challenge us to respect all creation, to live ecumenically, to foster justice and to create a place where peace, joy, and reconciliation are valued and celebrated.


Realizing that women of many Christian faiths could embrace the Benedictine life, we established ourselves in 2004 as the Mt. Tabor Benedictines. This formalized a decades-long journey toward ecumenical Christian life. The re-organization allows women from all Christian denominations to join this Benedictine monastery as fully committed,core members and further the Christian goal “that they all may be one”. This impels us to be inclusive in our prayer life and to be respectful toward all people’s beliefs.


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150 Mt. Tabor Road
Martin, KY 41649-7818
Prioress: Eileen Schepers, OSB